Order picking system - HSP2000

HSP2000 is a semi-automatic and fully equipped order picking system which consists of several standarized modules for product recognition, rendering of picking information, quality control, document systems, packaging technology and corresponding software modules to ensure optimal process flow.

The system provides unique flexibility and also reliability, speed, precision, and an ergonomic and healthy working environment. This can lead to a faster payback on the investment.

HSP2000 is designed in close collaboration with European wholesalers with years of experience in press distribution. Existing and future operator requirements led us to our solution. Modern automation technique coupled with the latest technology results in significant cost reduction and improved customer order accuracy.

Important features:

  • Proven productivity and flexibility
  • Optimal production and maximum control
  • Less operators and support staff
  • Optional choice of transport container or cardboard/plastic boxes
  • Integrated weighing control system :: picking errors are avoided
  • Online printing and correct delivery notes and invoices

Flexible pick zones

We offer flexible customization of number and size of picking zones to the corresponding number of titles for each commissioner, as well as available time.

Zone control panel

Each picking zone includes a title display and a wireless touch screen PC for the operator. All information about and from the picking zone are displayed there. Virtual buttons must be operated to confirm each picking.

Fully automatic package transfer

The efficient transfer point offers a fully automated transport of customer’s packages to the strapping machine.

Fully automatic transport of baskets and boxes

The stability of the assembled orders of magazines is insured through the safe transport in special baskets, which brings the magazines along the conveyor to the printer and strapping machine.

Single scale

The weight of the bundles is checked at each picking station. The operator can only release the package if the correct weight is displayed on the touch screen, which may prevent errors.

Weight control

An extra weight control unit at the end of the picking line provides additional quality assurance by controlling weight, travel sequence and the delivery notes. This information is forwarded to the computer control system.

Fully automatic online document manager

Documentation, such as invoices, delivery notes or newsletters, are automatically printed and added to the correct bundle.