HS Returns - Processing of return

HS Return is our fully automated detection and sorting system for collecting and sorting returned magazines. It can be used with barcodes and image recognition to identify and detect objects.

Saving the data files ensures that the return process has a high quality, and also very few products that are not recognized in the return system.

Detected objects are automatically sorted, and the number of sorting outlets is scalable which means the system will be perfectly adapted to any requirements.


HS Returns offers an outstanding detection rate by using barcodes and image recognition.

The system consists of a detection module, an intelligent automatic sorter and an offline recognition system with neuronal (self-learning) technology. The result is higher efficiency and reduced time usage throughout the entire process. The HS Return system will therefore reduce the need for manpower considerably. The quality of the saved data is superior to a manual counting and sorting process.

The product uses the latest software and hardware technology.

Technique and specifications

The return conveyor can handle both heavy and difficult goods. Electronic monitoring and alarm systems indicates malfunction. Sensors are attached to verify outflow at the gates. If there is a queue, an alarm will go off and the inflow will stop. A web-based interface allows easy access to data and applications from other machines., which is useful for monitoring purposes.

A high-resolution camera that takes up very little space is used: The HD+ camera with 11.5 megapixels. The images are stored in an archive and does not need more than 50 kB.

An efficient process for reprocessing unrecognized goods, high image resolution, grouping of similar items and zoom function for better recognition of details, saves time and improves accuracy.